Monday, 21 October 2013

Microsoft's New Transparent Monitor

The science fiction predicted many devices and machines that arrive in the real world nowadays. But is there a sci-fi movie or a book that describes a device like the following one? It’s about the Microsoft‘s transparent computer screen developed by Cati Boulanger and Jinha Lee.

In the usual way we use computer/laptop interface, the keyboard and the mouse are lying on the desk in front of you and before the screen. In the newly developed devise the keyboard lies below/after the screen because you’re able to see through it and navigate the content at the same time.
The design is using Samsung OLED screen and it allows 3D manipulations of the virtual environment. To do so you use your hand as a pointer and you’re able to adjust the way everything there is displayed. Also the software could be adjusted on-screen.
When you move your hands below the screen you see them entering virtually generated “room” with a grid on the walls. You see also lots of images related to folders and applications installed on your PC. You can arrange and squeeze or expand them, and select an application to run just by using your finger.
This concept may change a lot the way we perceive the digital environment inside our computers.

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