Saturday, 19 October 2013

Popularity of Sky TV Offers

For the information of the readers, Sky is one of a leading and enhanced digital satellite television and radio service. It was launched and created in 1998 by the name Sky Digital. We have seen that some of the Sky channels are available free and on the other hand others require a subscription or a fee. This service of Sky TV was primarily launched with a set-top-box known by the name of Sky Digibox.

Few days back, the company has also make an introduction of Sky+ and the Sky+ HD boxes. The Sky+ box is a digital video recorder and it has a 300GB or a 500GB in-built hard drive. “Believe in Better” is its marketing and advertising slogan, some of its other slogans are “Entertainment your way” and “What do you want to watch?”

One of the primary Sky TV offers are Sky Anytime service that was launched in 2012. According to this service, you can rent or buy films from Sky store. This is quite and rather marvelous. Other Sky TV offers are EPG for HD boxes.
normal sky tv

Main features of Sky TV are:

    Limited Aky Atlantic
    Sky Go
    On Demand TV
    66 HD Channels
    Last 7 Day Catch up TV
    ITV Player
    Demand 5
    Entire series Box sets
    Sky+ – Pause, Rewind & Record
    Unlimited Broadband
    Fast Fibre Optic Broadband
    WiFi Hotspots
    Rent Movies
    Free Sky Rewards

On the whole, we can say that Sky TV is doing a commendable amount of work. If you are interested to make use of its services, then you must do that right now! There is lot more to come from Sky TV and many exciting offers are still in pipeline so stay connected with us and get live updates.