Thursday, 17 October 2013

Wrold's First Cave With Own Weather System

Er Wang Dong is a cave system located in Chongquing province, China. The cave system is known for a long time ago but it was never truly investigated until now. A team of 15 members explored the caves more detailed and discovered rare phenomenon – a cave so huge that it developed its own weather system. The team consisted of photographers and highly experienced cavers.

The weather system is inside the Cloud Ladder Hall and it forms clouds at approximate height of 250 m (820 ft). The weather hall takes area of nearly 12 and a half acres, or enough to make 12 football fields there.
Robbie Shone, a photographer and a “cave man” from Manchester, said: “I had never seen anything quite like the inside cloud ladder before. Thick cloud and fogs hangs in the upper half of the cave, where it gets trapped and unable to escape through the small passage in the roof.” He also added that “Most caves either are accessed by large walking entrance, some require a long deep swim, other may be very vertical in nature where you need ropes to abseil (rappel) down the walls deep into the caves,”

According to Shone, some parts of the cave system had been used by miners before, but there are no signs or records of previous detailed exploration like this one.

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